Map and Pricing Monitoring

We become your best Amazon insurance policy.

  • SELLER INVESTIGATION:Unauthorized re-sellers are one of the biggest threats to a brand’s success on Amazon. Our experts dig deep into the seedy underbelly of the internet to discover any re-seller that is nothing but a thorn in your brand’s side. We investigate, identify, and eradicate, so that you can take back control.
  • PRICING MANAGEMENT:Unauthorized sellers will no longer dictate your Amazon success. We hold your brand to its highest standard and always adhere to a MAP policy. If you don’t have a MAP policy, we help create one for you; if you do, we enforce it and make sure all of your re-sellers do too.
  • COUNTERFEIT INTELLIGENCE:Amazon is rampant with counterfeit product. We get to work quickly as we identify any counterfeit product that may exist for your brand and work directly with Amazon’s Brand Registry Team to make it disappear.

Strategy Sessions

If your business doesn’t require our full service offering, but still needs help heading in the right direction, Quiverr offers high-level consultation for any piece of your Amazon business. This is our a la carte style offering where you can engage in a block of hours with our senior strategic team. Here we can tackle any and all specifics you may need to solidify your Amazon road map to full catalog optimization and, ultimately, channel growth.

To put it simply, Quiverr offers full-service marketplace brand management on Amazon. We’re the Amazon 3rd Party selling arm of Advantage Solutions with custom business intelligence tools and services. We help brands drive more revenue and profit in the Marketplace utilizing many of the tactics below.

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